Schamanin Andrea Kalff Portrait

It is not witchcraft - it is wisdom - IT IS!

As a shaman, I see myself as a bridge between life and death. I work with a wide variety of doctors, psychologists and therapists around the world. In 2006 I was found by the world-famous master shaman Kim Keum Hwa from South Korea. She recognized my calling and the shamanic abilities and initiated me as the first European into Koran shamanism.

Today I travel all over the world, mainly in Europe, Korea, Mexico and Hawaii to help and support people in difficult life situations, psychological and physical problems and much more.   

"If you search for a shaman or a mystic and you find one, don`t expect they will take you towards magical places or entertain you with magical tricks. Their art is to provacate your demons; those, which you are so well protecting, justifying, denying and hiding ... If you search for a shaman, be prepared ... They will undress you with their words, make you angry with their silence, stay alert when they frustrate you with their brutal honesty. Be prepared for the battle ..., the worst battle: with yourself. The one who has MAGIC doesn`t need any tricks." (Author unknown)