Korherr Kalff

Physiotherapy & Shamanism

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The Shaman Therapy
Science discovers the healing power of our ancestors

Body Mind and Soul

With classical physiotherapy and traditional shamanism, we offer a treatment approach in our Korherr Kalff practice that treats the root cause of the complaints and at the same time can significantly improve your general health. It does this through the integration of body, mind and spirit.

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Our task

What we do

Classic Physiotherapy

Manual Therapy

Sports Physiotherapy & Taping



Traditional Shamanism

Certified Doula

Professionelles Life Coaching

Our Passion

Wie wir es machen

Spirituality combined with conventional medicine and a selected network of specialists.

Years of global experience through many encounters with people and nature.

The knowledge, experience and tools that can help you achieve optimal health.

Everything is connected and everything is important

Let's start your journey!

What most people need

Feel better

Every person is unique, just like their fingerprint.

 Each treatment plan is tailored to individual needs.

Ultimately, it is our goal to use treatment and education to guide everyone on their way to the most complete, long-lasting health and wellbeing possible. 

About Us

How likely you are, we have our very own personal life stories that have made us the people we are today, to be able to help people like you. 

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Turm aus Steinen

We give you the best of us

Let us help you to activate the balance between your body, mind and soul.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with your questions, problems or health concerns. 

It is a great pleasure for us to help you to strengthen your self-healing powers and to regain your well-being. 

Helping people is our calling.