Korherr Kalff

Physiotherapy & Shamanism

Body Mind and Soul

In our practice Korherr Kalff, we combine classical physiotherapy with traditional shamanism to create a unique approach to treatment. Our goal is not only to alleviate symptoms but also to address the root of your concerns. Through the holistic integration of body, mind, and soul, we aim to enhance your health on all levels.

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Our task

What we do

Classic Physiotherapy

Manual Therapy

Sports Physiotherapy & Taping



Traditional Shamanism

Certified Doula

Professional Life Coaching

Our Passion

How we do it

The integration of spirituality and modern medicine, supported by a specialized network of experts.

Based on years of diverse experience in dealing with people and nature worldwide.

A comprehensive repertoire of knowledge, experience, and tools is available to help you optimize your well-being.

Everything is connected and everything is important

Ready to start your journey?

What the majority of people need

Feel better

Every person is unique, as distinct as their fingerprint.

Every treatment plan is tailored to your individual needs.

Our deepest endeavor is to accompany each individual on their journey to long-term well-being and vitality through individually tailored treatments and comprehensive support.

About Us

Just like you, we also have our own life stories that have shaped us into the individuals we are today. These personal experiences have inspired us to help other people like you.

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We give you the best of us

Give us the chance to accompany you on your journey to activate the balance between body, mind, and soul.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions, issues, or health concerns.

We look forward to helping you activate your self-healing abilities and promote your well-being.

Unsere größte Freude liegt darin, Ihnen zu helfen.